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1 Piece of Yummy Squishy Pizza - Free shipping

Source: https://www.bornsquishy.com/collections/store/products/yummy-squishy-pizza
1 Piece of Yummy Squishy Pizza - Free shipping
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The Piece of Yummy Squishy Pizza are nice relief fidget toys. Very squishable and slow rising.

These squishy slice Pizza food squishies toys are intimate birthday presents, mobile phone straps prizes, graduation gifts, and home decorations. When the children see these cute toys,they will be very happy.

This pizza squishy comes as one piece slice that you can use as a slice of pizza or together with more slices to create your own whole pizza. Whatever you chose we guarantee you will have a great time playing with it. The ingredients feel like real and it goes to a squeezed pizza that will then return to the original shape after a few seconds. It is fun to see it happening!

Features: Squishy Pizza toys , Squeeze Decompression Toy,slowly rising, fit for people stress relief toy.

Squishy Descriptions:

Size: 11*8cm
Material:Elastic Environmentally PU
Pattern: Pizza
Style: Toy/Collections/Cellphone Straps
Applicable Age:More than 6 Years Old
Quantity: 1 Pcs
Squishy: Slow Rising
The best Valentine's Day Gift for you when you look at it, they're so cute that you may feel better, or even all your bad feelings will be gone.It can be a stress reliever.

This Piece of Yummy Squishy Pizza could be the best Christmas present for your family. This Squishy charm is really comfortable touch, sweet smelling realistic look, and super kawai.

It sounds so gross!, It's fun to squeeze, and Gross as in your kids will love this! It helps children stay focused in school.

Cute and soft charms for cellphones, keys, bags, collecting, gifts and more! Also as stress relief toys for giving vent to your emotion.

You won't be able to keep your hands off these super soft, silly and very slow rising squishies, making the box of soft squishy toys great presents or individually as birthday party favors for girls or boys.

Are you looking for a fun and interactive toy to spend a great day playing and laughing? then try our range of squishies. They have been chosen carefully depending on our customer's feedback and comments about how much they liked the products. Our squishies have been created to provided fun times and unforgettable experiences with the great feeling of squeezing them and seeing them get back to their original position. They work great for pretending play, and for fun times with the little ones.

Most customers have found squishies to be relaxing and to work wonders as stress relievers, and we have found this benefits too (specially on busy days).

Have a go at our products and get the experience of playing with a great toy that will bring you joy and happiness immediately.

We stand for happiness, and that's what we look to offer our customers, with great and fun times!

All our products come with no hazel returns of 15 days. If you feel your squishy doesn't fulfil the intended purpose feel free to contact us and we will arrange your refund.

We have been selling squishies for a long time now, and know our customer needs. That's why you will get a good quality product from a serious company.

Also enjoy our promotion of everything FREE shipping!

Source: https://www.bornsquishy.com/collections/store/products/yummy-squishy-pizza